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Goldmining the Shadows: Honoring the Darkness Through SoulCollage®

With Binyamina Bee
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Goldmining the Shadows: Honoring the Darkness Through SoulCollage®

Time & Location

27 feb 12:00 GMT-8 – 06 mar 13:30 GMT-8

About the Event


Join us for a creative expression of the alchemical power of the archetypes of darkness. Goldmining the shadows is a profound healing process which allows us to express the wisdom deep within our psyche. In this workshop series, participants will excavate pieces of themselves that have been ignored and exiled. Through meditation, journaling, and a unique modality of archetypal collage called SoulCollage®, we will embody the gifts that the darkness contains. Utilizing SoulCollage® through a Jungian framework, participants will explore their shadow archetypes with curiosity and compassion. Through the integration of these archetypal energies, we can access the full spectrum of the human experience.

*Classes will be recorded for later viewing


February 27, March 6

12:00PM - 1:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Required materials:

A variety of magazine and/or newspaper images

At least two pieces of card stock, cardboard, or large index card material



Art Experience:  

All levels encouraged to join!

About Binyamina:

Binyamina works within the liminal realms of ritual and transformation, combining a decade as a psychotherapist with her extensive knowledge and experience of spiritual practice. Specializing in somatic, ecological, and expressive arts therapy, she has spent years engaged in transformative work in various communities, including prisons, psychiatric facilities, and hospices. Utilizing both Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology with a variety of spiritual methodologies, Binyamina facilitates powerful experiences to guide one through the depths of psyche, body, and spirit. As a full-spectrum midwife, death worker, and celebrant, she honors the transitions of life - from conscious conception to death -  and holds space for clients to experience healing from the initiation journey. As a clinical herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and teacher of plant medicine, Binyamina infuses her work with a connection to the land and the nonhuman world. Binyamina leads programs, trainings, and retreats in service to the Mystery throughout the world and online.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with certifications in psychedelic-assisted therapy, eco-psychology, somatic psychology, and sexuality coaching

M.A. in Counseling Psychology

M.A. in Humanities and the Creative Life with emphasis in Depth Psychology

Facilitator in SoulCollage, Continuum Movement, and Plant Medicine Ceremony

Certified Birth, Post-Partum, and Death Doula and Midwife

Clinical Herbalist and Licenced Ayurvedic Practitioner

Creator of Rewilding Mystery©

Connect with her at:

Instagram: Binyaminabee

Facebook: Binyamina.bee

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Holly Trent

Feeling uninspired? Lost your drive? I love helping move lives from Flat to Fulfilled! My passion is combining my extensive knowledge of Jungian and Archetypal psychology with experiential, creative practices to help you re-imagine a life that excites you. Working with the unconscious and a variety of creative practices we’ll uncover your misplaced desires, figure out what comes next for you, and bring about the transformation you’ve been seeking. 

M.A. in Humanities and the Creative Life, with emphasis in Depth Psychology

Certified in Applied Mythology

Founder of Cartography of the Soul

María Mendoza

As a Jungian-oriented teacher and mentor, I trust the transformative power of images that emerge from the creative process. They contain a pearl of wisdom that whispers an inner truth, the calling to living a more authentic and fulfilling life. Let's explore together the treasures that await to be discovered within you, and unravel the mysteries of your soul's purpose in this post-pandemic world.

M.A. in Humanities and the Creative Life, with emphasis in Depth Psychology

Open Studio Process Facilitator

Founder of Joy Collage